Labeled as "super emotional" and "dramatic" very early on in life, it became second nature to journal and write. I realized I had an affinity towards creating stories from thin air, so that planted seed began to grow. Nearly eighteen years later, I published my first book.

I'm drawn to characters that are relatable, people that you might know or find within yourself. I like plot twists and elements that have you anxiously turning the page to figure out what happens next. My favorite authors have always made it hard for me to put the book down, so if I can achieve that as well...I'll consider my job done. 

Currently, Pittsburgh is home and my kids have asked if we could not move anymore. Three states in five years is apparently too much. So I guess I'm stuck here. 



“Tell me, what is the point in being alive, if you don’t at least try do something remarkable?”
— John Green


  • I don't own a pair of socks. They weird me out.
  • My blood is 73% coffee. 2% pepsi. 
  • I have two fur babies: Luna (dog) and Weston (cat). They have hashtags. 
  • My human babies have hashtags too: Austin and Bella
  • I was born in the Mojave Desert, but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • I moved to Central Texas and fell in love with it there. Hopefully, I will move back one day.
  • I started writing fiction at 11 years old, after discovering an N'Sync fan fiction site.
  • My nickname is Chocolate Thunder. In high school, my principle said he couldn't call me that so he shortened it to CT. There are several people in the world who think my name is CT because I never told them my real name.
  • I'm missing a bone in eight of my toes, the big ones are the exception. Instead of three bones, like most people, I only have two. This makes for interesting conversation and horrible balance.
  • I'm a self-taught photographer and prefer to do most of my own designing for cover art, web design and graphics.
  • I've never mowed a lawn. I'm hoping to make this a lifelong achievement.
  • I can't listen to music or watch tv while I write. I need as little distraction as possible.


  • T-A-C-O-S.
  • My favorite movie is John Wick, but I just saw Split, starring James McAvoy and I'm currently re-thinking everything I've ever known about acting and movies.
  • I love coffee and pepsi, but I'm trying to be more diligent about drinking water.
  • My favorite music changes with my mood. Sometimes I'm all about country, then I switch to R&B, then electronica/dance, 90s, ratchet rap, instrumental, and heavy metal. I'm all over the place.
  • I prefer to read romance/erotica in my spare time, but I've been known to dive headfirst into a good fantasy from time to time. 
  • Did I mention tacos? Because I love tacos.
  • Oh, and cookie dough.
  • I live for warm weather and beaches. 
  • Napping is my favorite.
  • Sarcasm font and lowercase letters.
  • Seriously, feed me tacos.