Q & A

The best part of being an indie author is being able to have up close and personal interaction with the people who read my books. Over on Goodreads, I found some questions asked by readers and thought it'd be fun to share to the blog. As always, I love meeting and talking to people, so if you ever have anything to say or ask, don't hesitate! Questions are below....feel free to comment with more if you have any! :)

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Read. Read. Read. And then read some more. There is this belief that you have to have something accomplished before you can consider yourself a writer, but I think that if you can sit down and write anything, be it a novel or a haiku poem, you're a writer. Don't doubt yourself. The worlds needs to hear what you have to say.

What are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on part one of my Lost & Found Duet. It's a story about a girl who is trying to figure out where she belongs in the world and the man who falls in love with her when he's absolutely not supposed to. It's a story that I've been churning over in my head since I was 13 and it feels good to watch it take shape and turn into something real and tangible.

How do you get inspired to write?
Honestly, it just strikes. I love writing and journaling and getting my thoughts out on paper. The stories that I come up with are usually enough to keep pulling me to the page. Sometimes, I'll see a movie or read a book and that 's where I get the inspiration to write something new. I do find that, like any muscle, if I don't use it-- it can go away. So I don't always write when I'm inspired...I try to write something...anything...every single day.

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?
When I was a pre-teen, I'd read stories online. I came across this story about a girl who had a mortal enemy who had actually fallen in love with her and his methods weren't always "on the level". That's how the first idea of Lost & Found came to be. I liked the fact that sometimes people do bad things because of misguided love.

How do you deal with writer’s block?
Copious amounts of coffee/wine and denial. ;) No, I just try to put my writing on hold and read a few books to get my writing voice back or I'll skip to the next chapter. Kind of like back in school when taking a test...do the parts you know and come back to the hard ones at the end. 

What’s the best thing about being a writer?
Having a voice. I've struggled, my entire life, with feeling like no one cared what I thought, felt, or had to say. Writing gives my voice validity. Even if no one reads anything I've written, it still exists.